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Comic for: 11/19/07

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thread : 1 year later... (by maciek)
1 year later...
Strange but true - I'm working on new BYOB pages again. I really don't know when exactly they'll be posted, but they really are coming (fairly) soon.

thread : BYOB new look (by kim)
BYOB new look
BYOB has moved over to the new site look. In addition to the text at the bottom of the page and the snazzy new lay out, we've taken out the filler and the Temping for Evil story (it will be getting it's own set of pages soon). The short four panel comics are gone too, it was a nice attempt, but we just couldn't get into it.

But I'm sure you're all more interested in issue 3. Here's the lowdown.

The script is written and Maciek will start sketching out the layouts in June. I'm guessing we'll start updates in July, beginning of August at the latest. Hopefully we'll be updating weekly, at least through the fall.

Why the long delay (after all, it's been over 6 months)? Couple of reasons.

First, Maciek's gone back to school. We decided he needed to go cold turkey on new BYOB in order to give his classes (and assignments) the time and focus they needed.

Second, we've actually put a good deal of time preparing the print version of BYOB 2. If you look back through the pages on the web site, you might notice an improvement on the artwork, especially the early part of the chapter.

Thirdly, Maciek will be taking an intensive three week course in figure drawing. It ends at the end of May at which point Maciek will not only have time (summer vacation) but new skills as an artist. BYOB3 is going to look good, really good.

And don't worry about not knowing when BYOB starts updating again, we'll be advertising and promoting it with a vengeance. Till then, take care and thanks for reading.
Hey hey

I'm still visiting this page every day, and I miss Gwen.
I've just came back from another failed date, and looked through some pages which reminded me how magical she is.
I hope to be re-united with her again, if time allows you..

- Ret

PS: Great new look! I like the symbolism.
You won't have to wait much longer.
Maciek just finished inking BYOB3 page 2 yesterday. He's on summer break right now, which means he's got four days a week to do art, most of which he wants to use on the comic. When we have around 10 pages in the queue we'll start updating again. When we do, I'm planning a contest!

Thanks Retropier for being such a great fan. You're posts always make my day. Sorry the date didn't go well. Issue 3 is a Gwen Owen date that has it's ups and downs as well.