thread : Back from Fallcon (by kim)
Back from Fallcon
Report from Fallcon

This past weekend, three of us (Maciek, Ray & me) drove up to Minnesota for the annual comic con - Fallcon 2009 ( , put on by the Midwest Comic Book Association. I got a bit confused when filling out our registration but the lovely organizers got it all fixed out - Thanks Nick and David!

Fallcon's held on the Minnesota fairgrounds and it was a bit chilly in the coliseum, but I appropriated Maciek's hat and was just fine. There were so many great comic books to pick up, we left with significantly heavier bags and lighter wallets. Sales were on the light side, but we got to hang out with friends new and old at the Fallcon dinner and afterward at Ginko's coffeeshop ( - also a great spot to pick up afternoon coffee to keep us going on Sunday.

And now a few shot outs:

Fesworks ( Thanks for the interview for your podcast.

Allie and Jillyfoo, great talking to you, looking forward to reading your latest books (Red Zone - and Demon Eater #2 (

Rana (pronounced Ran na, Maciek and I have been mispronouncing her name for years [hangs head in eternal shame]) great art advice as always, delightful to geek out with you over Sherlock Holms and Harry Potter. Thanks again for the lovely inking!

Allen - great talking cameras with you!

Sara, Hannah, and Josh - I only wish I had been so cool and talented back in high school. You guys totally rock! (they were at the next table over from us.)

Vas Littlecrow - the best con outfits and can simultaneously sketch and hulu!

Seamus - who manages to keep 2 MWF updated web comics going - Oh Goodie ( and Never Normal (

Merideth (, you're looking so happy and giggly these days, I wonder why?

Oh, and we'll be at our local Geekkon two weeks from now. More info to follow.
thread : Coming soon ... (by kim)
Coming soon ...
Hi All,

So, we get a big F for updating this page. But Pete's still updating, so I don't have to hang my head in shame.

Just to let people know, we're preparing for Anime Central 2009. We'll be releasing Deverish Also #2.

And we're reprinting Tabloid Roulette as a single volume, with extensive improvements to the first eight pages.

And we're planning a new AntiTheZine (#5) with new comic material. A prequel to Deverish, artwork by Stacie and Ray, and a new sf short by me with (colored) artwork by Maciek.

I'll try to remember to keep you updated as to our progress.
thread : Geek kon coming up! (by kim)
Geek kon coming up!
In two weeks time, we'll be driving a total of 2 miles (a bit further for studio members who's last name isn't Smuga) to the University of Wisconsin campus (roughly 5 blocks from my workplace) to be part of Geek.kon (to call it our local con is an understatement).

We're guests again this year and in addition to having a table in the Artist Alley, we'll be giving a panel Saturday at 4. We're also planning on having a raffle for some original artwork.

If you live in or near Madison, this is a great con to attend, and not only because it's free. They've got a great mix of all sort of geekdom - anime, Japanese culture, sf & fantasy, scifi movies & entertainment, gaming, etc.

The dates are Sept 27 & 28. Hope to see you there.